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Stronger Relationships


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Greater Innovation

Find out how Rely SL can help your company grow.

Unleash Peak Performance

Join the 7-Day Explosive Sales Growth Challenge

This series will empower you with strategies to bridge the gap of change resistance, fostering growth and motivation in your team. Expect to master the art of conducting impactful weekly meetings that bring the C4 framework to life, setting the stage for transformative change and sustained sales growth.

How We Help Companies
Amplify Their Sales


Elevate your sales with hands-on workshops in funnel development and productivity. Gain actionable insights to close deals more efficiently.

Fractional Sales Leadership

Unlock expert sales leadership without full-time costs. Align your team with business goals to boost revenue sustainably.

Sales Leader Certification

Bridge the leadership gap with a certification that merges sales management and enablement to develop high-potential professionals into well-rounded sales leaders equipped for long-term success.


Trust + Action = Traction

When sales leaders blend trust and inspired action, traction replaces stagnation, propelling companies past plateaus.


Why Investing in Sales Leadership

Makes sense for your company

Growing a successful company is tough.

As an enterprise scales, business owners experience stress and anxiety when they need to start delegating tasks to others.

They’re often fraught with worry.


Are things getting done correctly - or at all?


If I let go of control, everything I've worked for could sink.


What if I lose customers if I'm no longer directly involved in the sale?

In our experience, the best way to release the fear is to build trusted teams that can grow WITH the business.

Because whenever business owners trust their teams, magic happens.

At RELY SL, we specialize in solutions that grow with you. 


Businesses invest billions of dollars annually in leadership and sales training

that ultimately fails to produce meaningful change

Most people development programs follow a predictable format:

  1. Hire a speaker.
  2. Your employees listen to a 30-minute speech. (Yawn.)
  3. A few people might feel uplifted and motivated…

…until lunch, when 99% of people forget 90% of what they learned.

Does this sound familiar?

It clearly doesn’t work, yet professionals in the people development field keep using the same old song and dance, hoping for a different outcome.

The truth is, old-school training doesn’t pay off because thought leaders are using an outdated, ineffective methodology.

They’re instructing participants…

They’re offering passive instruction…

They’re focusing on developing content…


When they should be showing participants.


When they should be orchestrating dynamic, active learning experiences.


But almost completely neglecting reinforcement of new ideas.

They’re instructing participants…

When they should be showing participants.

They’re offering passive instruction…

When they should be orchestrating dynamic, active learning experiences.

They’re focusing on developing content…

But almost completely neglecting reinforcement of new ideas.

Deliver concrete change

At Rely SL, here’s what we know after 25 years of experience in professional growth:

Great content is important, but content alone isn’t enough to deliver concrete change.


The Law of Reinforcement

Any pattern of behavior that is continually reinforced will become automatic.

Anything we fail to reinforce will eventually dissipate.

To get a REAL return on your investment, you have to integrate ALL ASPECTS OF LEARNING.

Rely SL Programs Include All Aspects of Learning

Successfully Move From Learning >>> Action>>> Mastery

C4 Explosive Growth Framework


Led by the founder, Scott Holman, all speakers and trainers are certified and equipped to lead learning sessions live on-site or virtually.

Rely SL Advisors operates a state-of-the-art studio that offers a learning experiece unmatched by most.

Our programs are comprehensive and customizable.


It is estimated that most students will forget 50% of passively absorbed information after just 1 hour, 70% after 24 hours, and upwards of 90% after 1 week.

Our programs are built on a foundation of reinforcement. Participants will receive weekly micro-lessons with actionable steps to reinforce comprehension and encouarge new habits.


Jim Rohn famously stated, “We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” Growth and transformation move from goals to likely outcomes when we spend time with other growth-minded individuals.

Rely Leadership Advisors brings out students together in a private community that offers growth and encouragement on this leadership journey.


Most motivated people fail to level-up in their careers because they don’t move from good intentions to full commitment.

But here’s a solution: most people WILL follow through on commitment when promises are made to other people.

Our coaching method moves students from the realm of good intentions into full commitment toward actionable steps by bringing accountability and follow-up to the forefront.

How Our Programs

Will Benefit Your Organization

For the Business Owner


Get your time back

Stay focused on your core competencies, while relying on leadership built to cultivate a sales team optimized for performance and growth.


Scale Confidently

With certified sales leaders, enjoy company growth, greater profits, and the ability to trust your leaders to develop and maintain a flowing pipeline of opportunities.


Rediscover your love of business

As you work on your business and not just in it, you’ll remember why you started in the first place.



Positive company culture that values employee growth

Your team feels valued and becomes personally invested in the company mission while making better decisions and earning greater trust.


Empowered Confidence

Employees feel more confident on their capabilities and decisions freeing them to take greater initiative without the fear of mistakes or retribution.


Enhanced Engagement

Employees will find greater meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their work as they have a clear picture of the company’s mission and their defined role within that mission.

FOR YOUR Customers


Culture of Excellence

Customers will be recipients of the great internal culture as all product or service interaction wills be delivered with excellence by engaged leaders and team members that genuinely care. 


5-Star Experience

Many companies advertise it, few deliver it. Customers are relieved that they do not have to settle for another average (or less than average) experience. Customers will happily share the 5-start experience they receive. 


A trusted partner

Most customers do not have the time or energy to shop for new service providers and are thankful to discover a partner they can trust over and over for consistent results.

Is this your company?

We believe so strongly in our methodologies that we restrict our contracts to organizations that have the following qualities:


Company growth cannot happen without a growth-minded culture.


A company’s market value only increases when leaders make decisions that align with the organization’s core values.


Your company’s most valuable asset is your people. Investing in individual development drives the greatest return for a company.

If your business meets these criteria and you’re ready to learn about a customized plan to reignite growth, cultivate organizational trust, and make cultural changes that stick, schedule a complimentary call by clicking the button below.

Create New Influencers

Don’t pay for another failed training program. Create new company leaders from inside your organization using our proven reinforcement-driven strategy.