Discovering Influence

Stop workplace drama and position your team for success by building communication skills that work.

In this half-day communication workshop, we use the research-backed DISC assessments to understand participant’s natural behavioral style.

enhance your team’s communication Skills

in a fun and memorable way

Are you looking to enhance your team’s communication skills in a fun and memorable way? Look no further than Rely Leadership’s DISCovering Influence program!

Our program combines the popular sport of disc golf with the iconic DISC behavioral assessment to teach effective communication in a unique and engaging way.

Just like each hole in disc golf, communication presents different challenges with each interaction. The key to success is not just throwing around ideas, but rather to have your message received by the person you are communicating with.

DISCovering Influence will ensure you come out as a winner in all your interactions.

Here’s how our client, Bill, used DISCovering Influence to overhaul his team’s communication skills:

Poor communication in the workplace

is the #1 reason for misunderstanding and negative project outcomes

In a world of near-constant connectivity, communication should be easier than ever before.

So why is communication in companies often so poor?

Miscommunication often occurs due to the assumption that others communicate the same way we do.

But by recognizing and adapting to the preferred language and style of the other person, we can avoid misunderstandings, build stronger relationships, and achieve more successful outcomes.

Examples of Poor Communication

Here’s are just a few examples of poor communication outcomes I see again and again:


Missed Opportunities

When people do not communicate effectively, there is a higher risk of misunderstandings, which can lead to mistakes, errors, and wasted time and resources. The compounding effect of these opportunity costs takes a toll on a company’s bottom line.


Employee Turnover

Effective communication is essential for building trust within a team and other departments. Poor communication can erode trust and damage relationships which impacts employee morale, productivity, and leads to turnover.


Interpersonal Conflict

Difficulty navigating social conflict often translates to leaders and team members feeling uncomfortable at work. They don’t trust in their abilities to effectively resolve conflict.

Poor communication creates

dysfunctional companies

And those dysfunctional companies are mired in:






Hurt Feelings




Reduced Productivity


Stifled Expression of Ideas




Poor Problem Solving Skills


Negative Environment

Teams in conflict

struggle to produce meaningful outcomes

As an organizational leader struggling with poor communication, you probably feel frustrated that the grown adults on your team can’t seem to work together in harmony.

  • You’re tired of wasting your energy resolving conflicts.
  • You’re sick of your results being less than ideal due to factors you can’t control.
  • You know your results, environment, and overall work experience could be so much better if everyone could just get along.

Rebuild trust and eliminate the drama

with DISCovering Influence

Healthy communication techniques like active listening, clarifying your message before delivery, and asking for feedback help keep organizations emotionally healthy.

Ideas and innovation move forward

Teams happily work together without drama

More time and energy is available to focus on priority tasks

Companies can focus on growth instead of solving interpersonal conflict

Leaders feel confident that they’re perceived as competent

When trust and connection are prioritized

your organization begins to thrive


Minimize company drama


Stop interpersonal conflict before it starts


Learn to work harmoniously toward a common goal

The DISCovering Influence

DISC-Based Framework

Through our DISCovering Influence program, you will learn how to read obstacles and difficulties in communication and choose the right tools to overcome them based on the DISC behavioral assessment.

We use the research-backed DISC assessment to understand which communication behaviors are working and which ones need improvement.

Our program is designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning and practice. You will have the chance to apply your new communication skills in a safe and supportive environment, and receive feedback from our experienced facilitators.

Disc Assessment

Participants complete the DISC assessment to understand their preferred behavioral and communication style.

Results & Curriculum

DISC results are coupled with an entertaining and memorable communication curriculum that teaches participants how to understand others and adapt their style to ensure their message is effectively received

Disc Styles Starter Set

You will be provided with four frisbee discs (a complete starter set) that represent each of the styles with DISC, ensuring that you not only learn the concepts but also have a tangible reminder of the skills you have learned.

Team Disc Golf

After the course is complete, participants come together as a team to play disc golf together, solidifying program lessons and building camaraderie and trust through play.

Stop workplace drama

Empower your team with healthy communication skills. Watch your company grow and thrive.