Don’t Ignore the Small Nicks: A Windshield Story with Valuable Lessons for Sales Professionals

Nov 20, 2023 | Sales

In sales, just as in life, it’s often the little things that count the most. Small gestures can go a long way, and conversely, small missteps can have outsized consequences. To illustrate this point, let me share a story from last Fall that serves as a compelling metaphor for the importance of tending to the “small nicks” in our customer relationships.

My “Small Rock” Moment in Real Life

Last Fall, I was driving and enjoying the beautiful colors of the season when I heard the dreaded pop of a small rock hitting my windshield. I looked up and saw a new little nick. I made a mental note to take care of it before it worsened. My insurance would cover such small repairs for free, whereas a full replacement would cost me my deductible.

The Procrastination Trap

I arrived home and got caught up in other tasks, pushing the windshield issue to the back of my mind. A week later, I got back into my car and was reminded of the small blemish. “Did it grow a bit? Well, it’s not that bad yet; it can wait,” I thought. And wait is what I did. Over and over, I would see the nick, acknowledge that it could lead to something worse, and put it off for another day.

The Moment of Truth: Pressure Exposes Weaknesses

Then came a particularly cold winter night. Temperatures dropped significantly, adding pressure to my already-weakened windshield. The next morning, that small nick had turned into a crack running across the entire windshield. Both my windshield and deductible were lost, all because I neglected a small but fixable problem.

The Sales Equivalent: Ignored Dents in Customer Relationships

Like my windshield experience, we sometimes neglect minor issues with our clients, thinking they can wait. But the truth is, external pressures—be it competitors, market shifts, or other stressors—can expose these neglected “dents,” causing a crack in the relationship that may be irreparable. The next thing you know, we find ourselves with unhappy customers taking their business elsewhere.

The High Cost of Neglect

Neglect has its costs, whether it’s the deductible for a new windshield or the lost revenue from a customer who moves on. In sales, it’s crucial to remember that acquiring a new customer is generally far more expensive than retaining an existing one. Don’t let procrastination or avoidance cost you valuable relationships and revenue.

Time for Uncomfortable Conversations

We may not like it, but uncomfortable conversations are sometimes necessary. Just as I should have immediately taken steps to repair my windshield, we must be proactive about addressing minor issues with clients before they escalate. It’s much easier—and cheaper—to fix a small dent than to replace an entire windshield or, in the world of sales, an entire client relationship.

The Value of Proactive Care

We can’t always control the “small rocks” that life—or a client—throws our way. However, what we can control is our response. Pay attention to the small dents in your relationships. Act on them swiftly, and you’ll not only save the relationship but also protect your bottom line. Learn from my story and take the necessary steps to repair minor issues before they become major problems.