The Greatest Show

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

This keynote will inspire and empower leaders to recognize that their top priority is to bring unique strengths together in harmony. The Greatest Show is not about one spotlight act, it’s about all departments and employees coming together as one in a unified mission to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Cracking the Code

Unlocking and Inspiring the Hearts and Minds of Others

A motivating keynote that will renew excitement for sales professionals and leaders as they recognize how simple it is to diagnose a prospect’s position, understand why they are stuck, and how to move them forward.

Mining Hidden Gems

Unleashing the Power of Internal Talent for Business Growth

This keynote will inspire and empower leaders to view talent potential in a new light, uncovering valuable opportunities that may have been overlooked. Leaders will leave feeling re-energized and motivated, knowing that there are many hidden gems within their organization waiting to be discovered.

The Value Principle

Building Positive Culture through Connection

A thought-provoking keynote that will challenge the audience to search for and find value in themselves and others. It will encourage you to connect with the people you lead in a meaningful way.

The Four Pillars of Trust

A Framework for Building Strong Relationships

A message that will renew excitement for sales professionals and leaders that success is not left to chance. Trust is not just a vague concept, but rather a skill that can be honed and perfected through the mastery of its four critical pillars.

Discovering Influence

The Game of Building Stronger Relationships with Customers and Colleagues

An engaging keynote that is sure to make a very important, but often dismissed topic memorable and applicable. The audience will be captivated as they begin to learn about one of the fastest growing activities in America and then discover that they learned all about effective communication that leads to an ability to impact and influence customers and colleagues.