Securing the Summit: The Bedrock of Family in the Climb to the Top

Aug 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

The Unspoken Meeting on Every Successful Leader’s Calendar

You might have already come across the game-changing read, “Leadership by the Good Book” by David Steward, the heavyweight founder of World Wide Technologies, in collaboration with Brandon K. Mann. If you’re unfamiliar, the “Good Book” they refer to is none other than the Bible. Besides its faith-based principles, it also outlines a playbook for managing both your professional and personal life like a pro.
Brandon offers a crucial calendar entry for all of us striving to hit those quarterly targets and clinch the deal: “The most important meeting of the day is when you see your family!” A provocative statement, isn’t it? But before you dismiss it, let’s consider David Steward’s wisdom: “No promotion, sales award, or performance bonus can take the place of a loving family. Creating special memories together is what it is all about. If you don’t have a home where your body can rest and your soul can find refreshment, then you won’t last for long, no matter how skilled you are or how incredible your team is.”

The Peak Isn’t Always What It Seems

Back in 2014, I tasted the summit. I was the alpha, the top overall producer in a gargantuan corporation. We all chase this level of recognition and respect, right? Yet, here’s the kicker: nothing monumental shifted. Let’s face it, We’re all so engrossed in our own quests for revenue glory that we barely have time to high-five anyone else’s triumphs, at least not in the way they’d hoped for.

Beyond Trophies and Bonuses

Yes, my company did roll out the red carpet—my wife and I were whisked away on a luxe vacation, among other accolades. But when the applause died down, I found myself contemplating the toll my ambition had taken on those who mattered most—my family. The glittering awards started to lose their sheen; the victories felt somewhat hollow.

Realigning Priorities Without Regrets

That pivotal year triggered a seismic shift in my priorities. I took a stance: I was perfectly fine not being on top again. After all, the real applause and respect I longed for didn’t stem from my leaderboard standing. They came from the quality of the man I am—both at home and in the conference room. My well-being, and my family, became my non-negotiables, my daily deal-breakers, and I’ve not looked back since.

Ambitious sales leaders, as we hustle to exceed quotas and dominate markets, let’s not forget the foundational deals we’ve already closed—those with our families. Those contracts don’t come with bonuses; they come with lifelong dividends of love, support, and a sanctuary where we can recharge our most precious resource—ourselves. So, the next time you ink a deal or close a tough negotiation, remember: the most valuable ‘close’ awaits you at home, every single day.