The Power of Belief: Lessons in Influence from Ed Mylett

Oct 9, 2023 | Sales

Discovering the Essence of Influence

Ed Mylett, the celebrated host of his podcast and a proven entrepreneur, has a unique perspective on success: it’s rooted in our capacity to influence others. I had the privilege of hearing Ed deliver a captivating speech at John Maxwell’s Live 2 Lead summit in 2021, where he offered a deep insight into the concept of influence. Ed said, “Influence isn’t about persuading others to agree with you; it’s about convincing them that you genuinely believe in what you’re saying.”

The Unconscious Mind and the Placebo Effect: A Case Study

Numerous studies have shed light on how the subconscious mind can affect tangible outcomes. One well-known manifestation of this is the placebo effect, where patients experience real results after taking a medication with no active ingredients, simply because they believe it will work. This proves that belief alone has the potential to generate real-world results.

Belief in Sales: More than Just Strategy

In the world of sales, the influence of belief extends even further. When a sales representative is truly convinced that their product or service is exceptional, that belief translates into higher sales figures. It’s as though customers can sense the conviction in the rep’s pitch and are thereby persuaded that the offering is indeed the best solution for them. Importantly, this only works if the salesperson is genuinely convinced; it’s not something that can be feigned.

My Personal Journey: The Role of Belief in Success

Reflecting on my career milestones, I find that belief has consistently been the primary engine driving my accomplishments. When I genuinely believe in what I’m doing, it doesn’t feel like deception; instead, it becomes my ethical duty to share the benefits with others.

Why Businesses Need to Focus on Internal Sales First

Business leaders and corporate executives should take this principle to heart. The first sale, arguably the most important one, must be to their own sales team. However, the affirmation of belief within a sales team isn’t fostered merely through eloquent speeches or compelling marketing material. It is built when the company substantiates its claims and consistently delivers on its promises.

The Downfall of Disbelief: A Cautionary Note

On the flip side, if a sales team loses belief in the product or service they’re selling, a decline in revenue is almost inevitable. That’s why maintaining the integrity of internal beliefs is crucial for the overall health of any organization.

In conclusion, whether in medicine, sales, or personal achievement, the power of belief is an unstoppable force. It shapes outcomes and creates realities. In the wise words of Ed Mylett, the key to successful influence is not in changing others’ beliefs, but in being utterly convinced of your own.