The Power of Generosity in Business: Unlock Success by Opening Your Hands

Sep 25, 2023 | Life Balance

The Lesson That Transformed a Struggling Entrepreneur

Several years back, I heard an inspiring story about an entrepreneur whose life was shaped by a crucial moment. She had grown up in a faith-based family that always emphasized the virtue of generosity.

Unfortunately, during the 2008 economic downturn, she lost her job and faced serious financial difficulties. It was during this dark period that she decided to halt her philanthropic activities until she and her family were financially stable.

Choosing to create her own destiny, she started her own business, though it proved to be far more challenging than she anticipated. During a moment of reflection and prayer, she received a spiritual insight that profoundly altered her approach. The message was crystal clear: “How can I fill your hands when they are closed tight holding onto the little you have? Open your hands and I will fill them.” She attributes the remarkable growth of her business to resuming her generous habits.

Generosity: A Universal Principle of Success

What’s striking about the concept of “Generosity” is that it transcends both religious and secular frameworks. You don’t need a religious backdrop to understand its significance. As sales legend Zig Ziglar famously said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.” Ziglar’s notion suggests that the act of giving initiates a cycle of receiving.

In the business realm, you’ll find a plethora of articles in esteemed publications touting the benefits of generosity. Books like “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann have even become best-sellers by explaining how generosity can be a catalyst for business success.

A Versatile Concept: Time, Talent, and Treasure

Whether or not you have religious inclinations, the principle is universally respected: generosity can extend to your time, your skills, and your financial resources. The amount you choose to give is entirely your decision, but research consistently suggests that the return on your investment will exceed your original contribution. Want to measure what you’ll get in return? Consider what you’re willing to give first.

A Conversation That Sparked Insight

Interestingly, my teenage son and I often discuss the subject of generosity. I make it a practice to donate 10% of my earnings. He’s skeptical about the practicality of this habit. He recently quipped, “Dad, if someone makes a million dollars, they’d have to give away $100,000. Do you know what you could buy with that?” I couldn’t help but understand his point.

The True Value of Generosity in Uncertain Times

In a fluctuating market, I’ve experienced both gains and losses, much like many of you. However, this financial instability only underscored the importance of generosity for me. When you open your hands to give, you develop a different kind of trust, a trust not solely in financial security but also in non-material aspects like time, energy, and relationships. This trust cultivates a unique form of confidence—one that helps to navigate life’s ups and downs, including those in the business world.

The Less Tangible, Yet Equally Valuable Returns

While we’ve discussed the concrete financial benefits of generosity, it’s vital to remember that the returns aren’t always material in nature. Sometimes the most significant payoffs are emotional and psychological, impacting your well-being in ways that a bank statement never could.

When you give—be it time, resources, or expertise—you cultivate an environment of positivity and openness around you. This aura not only attracts good karma but also enriches your emotional landscape. Your acts of kindness can become a source of joy, satisfaction, and even inspiration, boosting your emotional resilience.

Moreover, a generous spirit can be infectious. By setting the standard, you encourage a culture of generosity within your team or organization. The resulting harmony and collaboration can elevate your work environment, indirectly contributing to business success by reducing stress, improving team dynamics, and enhancing overall productivity.

Generosity doesn’t just fill your hands; it fills your heart and mind, contributing to a more balanced and fulfilling life that enriches your business journey. Don’t underestimate the power of these less tangible, yet immensely valuable, returns. They not only nourish your spirit but often prove to be the cornerstone of long-lasting success and happiness, both in and outside the boardroom.

As business owners or striving professionals, we sometimes cling too tightly to what we have, forgetting that the secret to success often lies in our willingness to give. Open your hands; you might just find that the higher powers fill them more quickly and in more ways than you ever imagined.